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More than just fieldwork

LARC was established in 1997 by Waldyr Pilli and Luis Pilli.
We are market researchers with more than 25 years of experience: we know Brazil, with its unique predicates, and the ways of conducting research in our country.
LARC and our local network of partners aim to be a high quality and cost effective alternative to conduct research in Brazil.
Waldyr Pilli
Luis Pilli
Lucas Pilli
  • LARC co-founder and director since 1997;

  • ESOMAR member since 1996, representative in Brazil 2000-2005;

  • ABEP (Brazilian Association of Research Companies) member of the High Council from 2002-2015 and Chairman of the Board from 2006-2010.

  • LARC co-founder and marketing research lecturer;

  • PhD researcher in marketing at FEA-USP;

  • ABEP director from 2013-2015 and member of the High Council
    since 2015.

  • LARC project coordinator since 2014;

  • Senior economics 
    student at PUC-SP;

  • Previous experience at public and private organizations.

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